All information and content is property of Rancho Murieta Corvettes.  Content, any part or all can not be used without permission from the Rancho Murieta Corvettes board of officers and general membership.

Club membership is open to all Rancho Murieta Corvette Owners.  Dues are $30 for twelve (12) months, If you are joining after July 1 dues are $20.  All dues are payable on January 1.  You can complete the application process in one of two ways.

1.  Complete an  online application  and simply mail your check to the current Rancho Murieta Corvettes address found below.


2.  Download and fill out a  paper application  (PDF) and mail it and your check to the address found below.

For additional information contact our club  secretary.  Our mailing address is:

Rancho Murieta Corvettes

c/o Mary Carroll

6315 Cazador

Rancho Murieta, Ca, 95683