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• The President shall preside at all meetings of the Members and Executive Board.

• He/she shall be Chief Executive of the Club.

• The President: has the authority to fill appointive offices.

• Welcomes/introduces guests, provides guest names. May call special meetings.


• Shall sit as the Membership and Event Chair

Responsible for collecting insurance waivers.

• Under the direction of the Vice-President a Membership Director shall maintain the club roster as members join or terminate membership and process all membership applications.

• Under the direction of the Vice-President an Events Coordinator shall coordinate events and activities of the Club, send event information to Club members, and coordinate with the Club's Webmaster for posting the events calendar and activity information on

the Club's website. If deemed necessary, he/she can create and Chair an Events Committee.

• In the absence of the President or in the case of his/ her resignation or inability to act, the duties usually pertaining to that office shall be performed by the Vice-President.


• The Secretary shall attend all meetings of the Members and Executive Board and shall record all minutes and votes in a book kept for this purpose. RMC monthly meeting minutes shall be made available upon request. He/she shall give all notices of meetings to the Members required by these Bylaws and shall perform all duties incident to this office required by the majority vote of the Executive Board. He/ she shall have custody of the Club's records. In the absence of the Secretary from said meetings, the presiding Officer pro tempore shall choose a Secretary.


• The Treasurer shall, subject to such conditions and restrictions as may be made by the Executive Board, have custody of all monies, debts, and obligations belonging to the Club. He/she shall receive all monies of the Club and deposit it in the Club account. He/ she shall make all payments of Club debts upon approval of the Executive Board. All contracts, checks, drafts, notes, or other orders for payment of money shall be signed in the name of the Club by any two (2) of the Officers for amounts over $500, else one signature is required. He/she shall give bond, at the Club expense, if required by the Executive Board. The Treasurer shall provide a written report on the financial status of the Club at the Annual Meeting and, if so directed, at any other meeting of the Executive Board. The Treasurer without specific approval of the Executive Board shall incur no obligation, debt, or other liability.

Past President

• The immediate Past President shall serve on the Board. The Past President shall assist the President and Board in assuring a smooth and orderly transition of office and serve as Advisor to the Executive Board.

Board Member Responsibilities