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July 19 3:00 19th Hole

Current Business






          Basket contents See Flyer


     General Meeting Agenda

Annual Trip Ideas



Birthday Trip Ideas

     Late October 20-23 Friday-Monday

     Socal...3 nighter maybe 4

          Day 1


               Hotel in Valencia

                    Hyatt Regency is where we stayed the first time

                         Restaurants across the street on your own

          Day 2

          Guide Dogs

               AM Tour               

          Nethercutt free section


               And the Grove Shopping

               Run back to previous night hotel

               Dinner on your own

          Day 3?

          Shelby Vegas?

               Shelby Museum


               Hilton Garden Inn

               Hampton Inn

          International Car Forest?


          Day 4

               Lone Pine through Death Valley

               Movie Museum

               Best Western

          Day 5

               Home through Yosemite

               Lunch at the Iron Door Groveland

               Home on your own highway 49 through Jamestown

Holiday Party


          Gift exchange?

               Getting old

          New Ideas