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Christmas Party


December 15


Villas Rec Room

Happy Hour 5:30

Dinner 6:00

Don't forget to RSVP to Karen Pearson with what you are contributing

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          Everyone who wants to participate should bring a NEW wrapped gift costing between $20 and $25 with your name on it.  

          This is NOT a white elephant gift exchange.  Please bring a gift that you would be happy to take home.  

          No gag gifts, please.  Participation is completely voluntary.  

          Gifts do not have to be “car” related and can be for either a man or a woman.  


Each person who brought a gift draws a number from a hat. "Number 1" selects a wrapped present first and unwraps it. The person with "Number 2" can either choose another wrapped present or take Number 1's present. And so on.  If your gift is stolen, you get a new turn to either steal a gift from someone else or take a wrapped one.

If your gift is stolen, you can steal it back but only after you’ve had another gift and it was stolen.  (Example:  I have a gift - say a box of candy - and someone steals it.  I take another gift and someone steals it.  I can then steal back the box of candy.)

A gift can only be stolen three times and then it is “frozen.”  This means the fourth person to hold a gift is the owner.  Depending on the number of gifts, we may change this to only two steals.