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Apple Hill Run

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The Bean

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Boa Vista Orchards



We are traveling to Apple Hill again after a few years absence...This trip will be to Boa Vista Orchards on Carson Road...Boa Vista is owned by the same family that owns High Hill which we have been to previously... You can expect the same products and experience except we will park on pavement instead of dirt...They have promised a special parking area for our cars...

After the Boa Vista visit we will venture to a new restaurant for the club...Being in isolation has been productive...The Smith Flat House is in the Apple Hill area a short distance from Boa Vista...Smith Flat is an historic location on Smith Flat Road just east of Placerville...Smith Flat was established in 1853.

This is from the Smith Flat House website:

"In 1853 in Smith Flat, over the top of the Deep Blue Channel, the Three Mile House was built. Named for its distance from central Placerville on the trail to Carson City, today it is known as the Smith Flat House. It originally consisted of a general store, post office, bedroom, dining room and dance floor."

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