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Hangover Run


January 1



Meet Location

Bel Air Parking Lot


What better way to start the new year with but a run to an old haunt, Poor Reds in El Dorado...We will drive up through Plymouth, Mt Aukum, Sommerset and Diamond Springs on our way to El Dorado...The restaurant opens at 11:00 but fills quickly but who knows what it will be like on New Years Day...They do not take reservations so we will be getting there early, at 11:00...Service is usuallly pretty relaxed so being served around 12:00 will be the goal..Please RSVP by December 29 so we know who is joining Sally and I and do not leave anyone behind...And since it is in the dead of winter, drive anything that has a functioning top and a heater...Thanks and let's go enjoy some Gold Cadillacs...

Poor Reds