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Polar Bear Run


January 1



Meet Location

Bel Air Parking Lot


What better way to start the new year with but a run to an old haunt, Poor Reds in El Dorado...We will drive up through Plymouth, north on Ca 49 on our way to El Dorado...The restaurant opens at 11:00 but fills quickly but who knows what it will be like on New Years Day...They do not take reservations so we will be getting there early, at 11:00...Service is usuallly pretty relaxed so being served around 12:00 will be the goal..Please RSVP by December 29 so we know who is joining Sally and I and do not leave anyone behind...And since it is in the dead of winter, drive anything that has a functioning top and a heater...Thanks and let's go enjoy some Gold Cadillacs...

Poor Reds