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1) Planning on leaving Taco Bell at 10:30 September 10, 2023

2) Bathroom stop at Hams Station. Arrive approximately at 11:30 ( 45 Miles )

3) Kirkwood Inn for lunch. Estimate up to 90 minutes for lunch. Arrive approximately at 12:00. ( 25 Miles )

4) After lunch travel to Stateline for hotel checkin. Arrive approximately at 2:30. ( 35 Miles ) Many Motels and Hotels at South shore Lake Tahoe. Members book a room for your selected Hotel stay on Sunday September 10. Mellegers are staying at Bally's using available senior rate discount lake view rooms.

5) Sunset Dinner Cruise on M.S. Dixie II September 10. Members need to make reservations for Sunset  Dinner Cruise on line Zephyrcove.com or phone number (800) 238-2463.

Sunset Dinner Cruise cost $140 dollars per guest. Dixie boat has no elevators, only stairs are available to gain access to upper decks. While making reservations make sure you select your shuttle Bus pickup location and time that will take you to and from the M.S. Dixie dinner cruise. For those that would like to drive your car to M.S. Dixie boat dock at Zephyr cove, parking is available for $12 dollars.

6) Monday September 11 breakfast is on your own

7) Lunch at the Aleworx restaurant located at 2050 Lake Tahoe Blvd. Anticipate start of lunch around 12:30 and after lunch travel back home any direction you prefer or stay to enjoy the lake

Lake Tahoe Overnighter Run

September 10-11

South Lake Tahoe on the M S Dixie