Superbowl Run

Event Title


February 6

Meet Time

9:30 Driver Meeting 9:50

Meet Location

The Bel Air Parking Lot

Depart Time


The destination is Murphy’s Calif.  The route will be determined depending on the weather.  We will meet at the Bel Air parking lot at 9:30.   MASKS MUST BE WORN   Between 9:30 and 9:50 we will be selling “spots” for the Super Bowl Pool. (Remember its for the kids!) At 9:50 we will have a driver’s meeting and we depart at 10:00.  We arrive in Murphy’s about 11:30.  There is no formal meal planned at Murphy’s, people are on their own to visit the town or just turn around or anything in between.

At Murphy’s we will once again sell “spots” for the Super Bowl Pool.  “Spots” are sold first come first served. Those who can’t purchase spots on Saturday can email Rick, 1lastrodeo@gmail.com  and arrangements can be made.

The Super Bowl Pool: Spots will be $4.00 per spot and will be randomly assigned. Net proceeds go directly to the purchase of coats and clothing for kids. There will be a 1st and 3rd quarter winner of $25.00 each payout as well as a half time winner payout of $50 and of course a game winner of $100.00 payout!  Remember the kids are the real winners here.

Please email Rick to let him know you will participate.



The Town of Murphys


TBD to Murphys