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March 14 is Pi Day...Pi Day celebrates the mathematical constant, π, 3.14...It is clelebrated in countries that follow the month/day date format, because the digits in the date, March 14 or 3/14, are the first three digits of π, (3.14).  Pi Day was founded by Physicist Larry Shaw in 1988.  And besides it's a great excuse to eat apple pie.  Or for that matter any flavor you choose.

We will be driving, as usual the long way, to Ikeda Market in Auburn.  Very informal market has a little bit of everything but today's attraction will be the various pie flavors served by the slice.  They also have frozen and fresh you bake pies.  I will never buy another apple pie at apple hill.  Their house made dutch apple is the best.  If you want to do lunch they have burgers and sandwiches.

We will then proceed to Ashford Park a half mile away for a bring your own everything picnic.  The Ikedas indoor area is closed at the moment so the picnic is best.  And besides we are guarenteeing a perfect day of sun.

The return trip is on your own but if you want to follow us, we will take Auburn Folsom Road into Folsom.

Please RSVP by the 10th.

Sunday, March 14, 11:45, Bel Air Parking Lot

National Pi Day