Rancho Murieta Automotive Repair

5/5 This business has been a real find...Local...Excellent Service...I have them deal with all our cars...From the Miata to the Cobra and they have completed work on time and on budget with either a written estimate or a telephone call authorization from me...Mechanical or electrical or just an oil change...Got an installation?...They can do it...And a ride home if needed...I would not hesitate to have them work on any car.

Radial Tire Service

5/5 Excellent Service...90% of my tire buying goes through them even if I go with Tire Rack...I have them ship to Randy at Radial Tire and he gladly mounts my tires...He can even get some of my highest performance Bridgestone, Hankook and Goodrich racing tires that other shops dont seem to access to...

Kuni Chevrolet/Cadillac

1/5 What can I say other than the sales department is not the best...A really good friend recently saw an ad in the Bee and called Kuni about the Caddy...They said it was still available and when he got there was told yes it was available and someone would right with him...No word from a sales person for nearly an hour...When finally someone came to help they tried to sell him another one...Got up and left...


5/5 What can I say...This business has been a real find...Excellent Service...I have them deal with all our cars for anything electrical...The owner is very cooperative and does all the work himself.

OK Tire and Auto

New owners bent over backwards doing what i asked them to do...Americas Tire wouldnt do it for a few days but drove into OK Tire and an oh sure we can do that right now was uttered and 30 minutes later they were done and only $15 a tire...

Kelly Wheel Repair

5/5  Took Hayden one hour and I got new looking wheel to correct my stupidity...Highly recommended

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