January 10 bel air community room 3-5

Review 2022




     Holiday Party



          Do it again?




               howd they go

               do something different?

               learn anything?

          First Friday informal

          Over nighters


     Meetings...where to continue?

          backyard...talked with the owner can work it out

          Clementia after weather warms

               Cornhole Bocce

     Board Meetings...Quarterly?

          bel air?





          do we have too much money?

               $680 +/- plus new dues $760 +/- total around $1400 - $380 insurance

               leaves around $1000 plus any of the above renewing...at least 5 ($200)

     subsidize anything for the club

          holiday party






     club address

          use kilborn address for mail


     membership renew

     who is outstanding still?

          kamber, wagner

     lost cuddebeck

          car not working

Future Events

     Any new event ideas from club members

     We have folks who work and cant get Fridays off so I want to do some events on Saturdays this year

     Jamestown RR and Lunch, possible first friday

          Jamestown Hotel outdoor seating

          Service station as before

     Chilli Cook Off Competition Saturday

          everyone cooks at home and bring it to the tasting

          need someone foolish enough to host it

          or do it at clementia on a comfortable saturday afternoon

               around the meeting date

     Charles Schultz Museum

          2:30 through napa and sonoma valley

     Poker Run RMC/MSC bennifit for coats 50/50

     Highway 12 Railroad Museum Saturday

     Miniature Golf Tournament Tahoe...grass valley big A, Saturday

          flatstick pub,

     Capay Valley Olive Oil Tasting Saturday

     mendocino overnight

     cobra museum crocket/martinez

     Swap meet

     Sierra Nevada Brewery Chico 1:55 driving short way 2:20 more interesting way

          avoid downtown sac and I5

     Picture tour all day take pictures of cars and scenery...Sierras...Bay Area scenic

First Fridays

     March 3  poor reds havent done this in a long time

     April 7   helwig because its green

     May 5    mexican don luis ione cinco de mayo

     June 2  smith flat new

     July 7   copperopolis pizza


Birthday Trip Ideas

     october 24-26

          Mission Ranch



          together dinner somewhere 2nd night

               Turn 12 lower cost


               Beach House P G 25 to 100

               Chart House View

               il fornaio

               Bernardus expensive

               Ranch epensive



          First night dinner at Benihanna

               Seats 8 at a hibachi table

               Groups of 8 make a reservation

                    4 tables of 8

                    counting on 32

                         we have 38 right now 4 tables of 8 one 6

          Second Day

               Drive down the coast to art galleries

                    Hawthorne big sur

                    Coast big sur

                         Cafe also



               Short drive to Rocky Point

                    open at 11 for lunch...


                    as of 7/22 closed...sold...opening soon

          Golf at p g

               Pacific Grove Golf Links 20-48

               Laguna Seca Golf Ranch 20-78

               Poppy Hills Golf Course 47-200

               Del Monte Golf Course 110

               Bayonet Golf Course 35-120


          Shopping in Carmel

          Wine tasting in the valley

               bernardus open wednesday

               folk tale closed wednesday

               talbot open wednesday in carmel by the sea

               big sur closed wednesday

               hahn carmel by the sea open wednesday

          Whale Watching


          Bike Rentals

               Tour 17 Mile ?

          Kite flying and lunch at Sticks or Hay

          Optional third night

               hilton woodland hills

               hilton garden inn $150



               home on your own

          Optional 4th night?

               up 395 to mammoth



     Who has the club banner

          Do we want a new one

          with club logo

          they are cheap

     Drive By 100 In Elk Grove

          Return to the Meadows