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Shriner's/EuroSunday Toy Drive

All totalled up, EuroSunday and Shriners collected 3959 toys on the Rally4Kids... See the photos...


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Jack Parker

Rick Feldman

Nancy Kilborn

Kent Kilborn

Karen Pearson

Greg Warrick

Heidi Warrick

Geoff Haeger

Sharon Haeger

Over 120 Corvette C8s To Be Crushed

Due to the recent mega tornado there was some damage to the factory and many C8s were total losses...They will be crushed...Click HERE to see the video...


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Teresa Silva


Check Out The Birthday Drive By And Super Bowl Run Pictures

A note from Bev and Rick and the pictures from the event can be found here...Click


So you still want to belong to the club but dont want to have to get in and out of low sports car...Check this out...Read on


The River Run was a huge success...

The Rio Vista Run and pictures...Read on....


So GM is losing money on all base C8s...

Chevy loses money on every sub $80,000 C8 sold...Find out more...Click HERE

So When Is The Right Time To Change Your Oil?

For all you old school purists, the answer may surprise you...Click HERE


Empire Mine Tour In Grass Valley

What a great day at the Empire Mine State Park and the drive up to Grass Valley...Click HERE


Oh Oh...!...AWD Hybrid Corvette Seen Testing

Read about it...Click HERE!


The James Marshall Tour Run Pictures

Click HERE

Corvette Z06 News...Specs and Price Information...Click HERE