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Dillard Coat Drive

Event Title


October 1

Meet Time


Meet Location

Bel Air Parking Lot

Depart Time



Dillard Elementary School



I just heard from Karen that the Dillard school coat drive is on. They will have several carts left out front for us to load with any items we donate. They still have a need for all the coats and items Karen has worked so hard to obtain for the students.  We plan to meet at 9:15 that morning in the Bel Air parking lot to drive to the school. We will leave at 9:30. Anyone who can carry some coats should contact Karen to make arrangements. Only those people who carry the coats can get out of their cars at the school. We will not be going into the school. The people who do carry the items have to wear a mask before exiting their cars.

This is an important tradition the club has established and I would like to have a good turnout. Besides it’s a chance to exercise your Corvettes!!

Please email Karen or Lee with you plans to attend.

Thank you and I look forward to seeing everyone!