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The Rancho Murieta Corvettes general meetings, which are held mostly every month, are usually preceded by a casual dinner and social hour for our members. We are changing the schedule up a bit due to meeting outside will be a little chilly and other diners, starting at 5:30, tend to interfere with the meetings.

The meetings  every third Wednesday of every month, when club affairs from club events, runs and parties to elections, treasury reports, membership reports and event details are presented to our members.  All members are encouraged to attend our informative meetings. This month the meeting weill be held at 5:00, in the Parasol Room , BEFORE dinner.  Dinner/social hour, which is optional, will follow directly after the meeting.  You are invited to join other members in conversation about anything from grandkids to cars and everything in between.

Again, our meeting will be held at 5:00 and dinner will follow…  

I hope you all can attend.

This month, Holiday Party payment is due if you are planning on attending.  Cost is $52 per person.  Please make checks payable to Rancho Murieta Corvettes.

Club dues are now payable through December 31.  Every year it seems that reminders for dues payment drags on through February.  Let's make Membership and Treasurary jobs easier by making payment early this year.

General Club Meeting

Event Title


Third Wednesday

Meet Time


Meet Location



Parasol Room