Rancho Murieta Corvettes History

Rancho Murieta Corvettes was the brain-child of Dewayne B. and Mike W. in the spring/early summer of 2008. Shortly therafter, Mike S. joined those two, and the Club was born. Many ideas were laid out, and it soon became apparent that we were on to something special.

Beginning in August of 2008, the three "Founding Fathers" started meeting regularly every Monday afternoon to hammer out the foundation of the Club. Bylaws were written, Officer Duty Statements were formulated, a logo was designed, and a bank account, Post Office Box, and web page were obtained. We worked with Chalice to produce shirts and hats bearing our name and logo.

On November 2, 2008, we held a membership drive in the Rancho Murieta Association parking lot. The weather cooperated, and we had an impressive turn-out. Prospective members were more than eager to join the club, and all of our apparel sold out!  It seems that Rancho Murieta Corvette owners have been hungry for such a club for a long time.

The intended purpose, it is said, of the club was to meet at “The Bean”, a local coffee shop, to talk about cars and the members could trade stories and have conversations about Corvettes.  This is up for conjecture.  As it turned out a “first event” was organized and it happened to be a toy run for a local charity to Sunrise Mall.  We met at Mather Airport, after driving from “The Bean” and proceeded to Sunrise Mall at various speeds and went to the car show in the parking lot where one of our members won a trophy for his early model car.  Since then there have been roughly 8-10 events per year and the club has evolved into a very social club for both men and women.  It has been noted that the club is a really social club with a very expensive initiation fee.

One member, having had extensive experience organizing and executing event, organized the Kirkwood Run in 2009.  Kirkwood Inn and Saloon is an historic tavern up highway 88 in the Sierras at the entrance to Kirkwood Ski Resort.  A great place to grab a bite and sit and talk.  Nice drive up Shakeridge Road and home via Mormon Immigrant Trail.  This has turned into one of our go to almost annual events.

In 2011 the club started to really take off as a social club.   Kirkwood was again organized.  A South Lake Tahoe mini golf tournament was run.  A Gold Country drive was organized by one of our members and that year a tour of Old Sacramento Underground was organized by another member.  Corvettes on the Green was initiated and our cars went on display in front of the clubhouse before a wednesday night gerneral meeting.  We again did a toy run.

2012 was a great year for the club as various events were tried for the first time.  Most notably, our first overnight tour was scheduled and successfully completed.  A wonderful tour of the Guide Dogs of America was arranged by a Gudide Dogs board member who is a member of the club.  Got to love puppies.  From there we went to Farmers Market, The Peterson Museum and off to Irvine.  The next morning we attended the original Cars and Coffee event at the Mazda headquarters in Irvine and took a long drive to Lone Pine to see the Movie Museum in Lone Pine.  We a had a great sit and talk gathering afterwards, a great dinner at a local diner and the next morning took off to home through Yosemite and a great lunch at the oldest bar in the Sierras, The Iron Door Saloon.  That year we also did the usual Toy Run, Turkey Run, Kirkwood, The July 4th Parade and the Guide Dogs Car Show which we won the club prize.

To Be continued with 2013 when i get around to it...