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Kirkwood Inn First Friday Run

A lot of times during the sunnier months, Sally and Jack just take off with the top down, enjoy the weather (heat permitting) and go have lunch somewhere...Over the years we have accumulated a collection of favorite places to enjoy food and beverages...So it is time to share with our club...These are all eclectic places ranging from sit down restaurants to outdoor cafes to picnic type places...All are fun...

We are going regardless if no one else goes so come enjoy a ride with us of always about 90 minutes or less and on roads that you may or may not have ever been on before but quite picturesque...The format is pretty simple...No RSVPs are needed...We are going regardless...Just meet us at the Taco Bell at the designated time and drive with us to the destination...No speeding, just relaxed routes hardly ever going over the speed limits...And any vehicle is ok...Cobras, Puegots, Jags, Mercedes and Porsches...Anything that makes you smile...

All the restuarants are moderately priced...Most of the time chances are you have never been to these but will be pleasantly surprised because they dont become one of our favorites unless they are fun...

This month we are driving to Kirkwood Inn and Saloon now that they have lowered their prices and are open for business...

July  5


KIrkwood Inn

and Saloon