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On Friday, May 24, we plan to take the Rail Car Explorers trip from Ione.  This is a two-person or four-person rail car that travels on railroad tracks from Ione two miles up along Hwy 88 then turns around and comes back down the hill to the start location. If we use the four-person carts, only one person has to pedal and the electric assist motor does the rest.  The other three can pedal or just enjoy the ride. In a two-person car, only one person has to pedal.  Coming downhill the same person must use the brakes.

Mary and I checked out the carts and as you can see from the picture below, they are low to the ground and easy to get into.  The trip is two hours. There is room on the cart for an ice chest for drinks or a snack.  We plan to provide muffins and drinks at the location.  


The cost for the Quad is $175 for all four riders ($87.50 per couple). If you would rather take the Tandem or two-person car, the cost would be $95 per couple.  I need to sign us up and pay in advance so I need your reservation for the quad or tandem and money by May 1st.

Day of the Run May 24th

Meet at the Taco Bell parking lot at 7:30 AM for a driver's meeting and leave at 7:45 AM.  Then we drive to Ione to the launch point for the Rail Car Explorers for the 8:30 AM run.    


After the rail cars, we will take some back roads up to Sutter Creek and have lunch at Cavana's Pub and Grub at 12:00 noon.  Then you can either go home or check out the shops in Sutter Creek.

Please RSVP to Dennis Carroll at by May 1st if you are interested in this Event.


May 24

Rail Car Ride and Cavana Lunch Run



Dennis Carroll