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The Super Bowl Run is a fun Saturday driving experience to raise funds to support the club's contribution to the Coats For Kids event...Contact Rick and Bev to select your spots for the big game...More details will follow...

Where and when:

February 10 at 9:30 am meet at the Bel Air parking lot by our Taco Bell Launch Facility (TBLF).  

We will have an opportunity to purchase remaining spots on the Super Bowl Pool AND place bets on occurrences during the game ie: color of quarterback’s shoes etc.

The cost on those "pure talent" bets will be $ 5 per betting sheet. The bettor with the most correct bets per sheet wins. Details at the TBLF that morning.

The ride will wonder up to Highway 49 (no coincidence as to the highway number and the team that should win).

Head back down Highway 50 to Prairie City Road and then parade for our admirers (and mothers) at Prairie City Landing on Willard Dr.  

Then off to Iron Horse Tavern at the Palladio for lunch.

Directions: Follow the car in front of you.

Or Click HERE...

In case of rain: Plan B is to meet at Iron Horse Tavern, (460 Palladio Pkwy, Folsom) at 11:45 am for lunch, visits and sporting.

Please RSVP to Rick by Wednesday, February 7th

Rick email:

February 10

Super Bowl Run

Soon After