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How To Plan An Event

Decide on a place to venture out to.  It could be a location you think would be interesting to other members.  A sightseeing destination,  a national, county or regional park , a place that offers others a unique experience, a place you would like to share with club members.  Restaurants, museums or special car events are ideas worth exploring.

Decide on a date which is free.  Check the Corvette Events Calendar for any and all open dates.  Notify the Events Coordinators, Greg and Heidi.

Have an idea?  Now is the time to jump in and get started.

Pick a fun route that utilizes the reason the cars were built.  A traditional club starting location is The Bel Air parking lot at the Plaza.  Keep in mind that some people don't like really twisty fun roads as much as others.  A good route mixes it up a little but scenic, obscure roads are more fun.  Find a route where you can keep the speeds down without being a traffic hazard.  If the route is longer than 90 minutes, make sure you arrange to include a stop for fluid evacuation.

Make reservations with the restaurant or any destination that accepts them.  Count on between 18-20 as a starting point for any restaurant.  Make sure you call the destination when you have to make changes.  Confirm a couple days ahead of the event.  Restaurants don't like surprises!  Tell the manager you will call with changes and/or a final number at least 4-5 days in advance of the event.  

Do a pre-run and make sure written directions are acurate and roads are open and safe.

Set a date for RSVPs. At least a week prior to the event is a good timeframe.  Expect members to call or email after the RSVP date and ask to go.  The answer should be at the discretion of the host/leader of each event.  Circumstances surrounding restaurants, tours and hotels often vary.  But generally a deadline for RSVPs should be followed.  Wait lists are a possibility.

Provide copies of directions at the starting location and emphasize reading them along the way.

Have a fun day.

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If there is going to be a hotel involved, make sure that it is somewhat affordable and available.  Some hotels require a contract and a deposit.  Try to avoid making a deposit on a credit card because reservations are fluid and plans change and any time a deposit is required you can count on someone cancelling or worse just not showing up.   Best practice is negotiate a block of rooms by a certain date.  Most often that date is a month or so before the event and then rooms are offered to the general public.

Here is how the Events Coordinator will assist you with your event.

Noftify the Events Coordinator with following details of your event.

   Name of the event, date, start time leaving Bel Air

   Provide a descripton of the place we are visiting.  Give some background and what we will be doing there.  Include a start time to be there and a fee per person(if required).  Try to negotiate a group rate

   Restaurant or picnic location name, address and start time for lunch.

   Set a date at least a week in advance for an RSVP.  Consider maximums for both the venue and restaurant.

   Printed, complete driving directions will include your name and cell number.

The event will be posted on the Corvette website under the "Events" link.  All details will be included.  The Events Coordinator will send a series of emails to all club members.  An invitation, followed by a reminder and then a logistics email is sent to all participants who have RSVP'd.  After the RSVP date has passed a wait list(if applicable) will be established if limits exist for venues or restaurants.

All RSVPs should be via "reply to the sender's email". The Events Coordinator will track all RSVPs, while keeping a record of all.  We will keep you informed at various times.