Rules of the Road

1   RSVP according to the desired date requested by the event organizer/host and if you decide to not participate, let the host know before the event date.

2   Fill up before the event making sure your Corvette's tank is full and your personal tank is empty.

3   Depending on who is organizing, check to see if there are directions posted on the website and download and print them.

4   Be on time to the driver's meeting.  Instructions are always important.  There might be last minute changes.

5   During the drive there will be no tailgating and keep a safe distance between cars.

6   Keep the car in front of you in sight.  Keep the car behind you in sight.  Keep a safe gap between cars.

7   99% of the time we travel at very safe speeds.  Always drive within your skill level.  If the pace of an event is too fast, let cars behind you pass and follow directions to the next stop.

8   Do not pass the leader.

9   If you are the leader and decide to stop, make sure there is plenty of room for all cars to pull off behind you.

10  If you are the leader and decide to pass, make sure all cars are able to pass safely as well.

11  If you are the leader and pass through a high traffic area, find a spot where a regroup can safely and completely pull off the road.

12  Before the run begins, if you decide to take a different route, drive on your own to the destination or just decide to reach the destination without using the directions, tell the host/leader of your intentions.  Otherwise, stay in line, do not pass any other club member and follow the supplied driving directions.

During the run, if you decide to take a different route, have car trouble or simply fall behind the group due to traffic lights or slow traffic, call the leader on their cell phone to alert them you are leaving the run and will meet the group at the destination.  The leader's cell phone will be listed on the driving directions.

13  Be safe and have fun